If you are looking for a great venue to hold a special event and you are from Schaumburg, then you could start with checking what our banquet hall has to offer.

European Crystal is by no means the only venue where people can hold events in if you’re form Schaumburg, IL. However, our wedding venue offers tremendous benefits to clients who seek to use us for their wedding or event.

A few things makes the European Crystal Banquet stand out. You would do well to remember them because they can help you make the final decision with regard to any event you may want to host.


One of the things that any great event host is usually going to look for is the ambiance of the venue. If the feeling of elegance is missing then you would be forced to invest more money in creating it from scratch. This is not so with the European Crystal. The venue is made in the classic Italian Renaissance style, which helps portray a romantic and opulent setting that your guests are going to love.

If you are looking for ornate, then the Grand Ballroom within the Hall will be the place to host your event. Doing so will enable you to impress your lovely guests without even trying.The spectacular chandeliers and high ceilings are certain to add an extra something to your ballroom. If you want to avoid the ornate surroundings of the ballroom, then the parlour room is the best option for you. Its more intimate setting does not take anything away from the grand marble columns or hardwood floors made of mahogany.

For the ambiance alone, our venue beats the competition out of the water. If nothing else, the setting will provide a wonderful backdrop for guests looking to immortalize the special moments of your event.


Plenty of event venues offer supporting services to their clients. When it comes to the European Crystal Banquet Hall however, the services provided to you take on another dimension altogether. You will be able to access high class and personalized services for your event. You will be able to get assistants to help you out if you need them, especially on the actual day of the event.

Catering is also included in the package as long as you pay for it. This removes from you the hassle of having to hire an additional company to take care of that side of things. Regardless of the menu options you select, your guests will have access to one on one service from the army of butlers and servers that work for the Hall. The food alone will certainly be a talking point for a long time among your guests. Where else could you get such a variety personalized services in one package?

Additional Facilities

In addition to the Parlour room that you can use to host a more laid back and intimate event of any kind, you also have access to conference facilities within the venue. The technological equipment provided will make your meetings even more high tech. Your guests can have a great environment from which to work, after which you can transition to the more formal rooms for celebration.

For weddings, grand birthday parties, large company meetings, and sheer celebration of life, EC should be your go to place.