The reason why our venue is popular for Glenview residents is the is because of various elements it offers. It manages to blend class and style with a warm atmosphere which is very difficult to do. In addition, they offer services that cover every aspect of what a perfect wedding should entail.

There are simply no limits regarding this sophisticated hall. Couples can host a large gathering under a 19 feet high ceiling, decorated with magnificent chandeliers in the Grand Ballroom or they can keep it more intimate in the Parlor Room with mahogany wood floors and stunning marble columns. Whether the couple wants to hold the ceremony and reception within these inspirational walls or simply enjoy a great reception, the choice is up to them. Either way it will be the most memorable day of their lives.

A high quality and full spectrum service comes standard from the personnel. Bride attendants make sure that all the wishes of the bride is adhered to up until the last minute, while the catering section serves only the most delectable dishes available. There is simply no need to search for a third party catering company because world renowned chefs stand behind the menu of choice. The highest trained butlers will interact with the guests, making sure everyone is happy and satisfied.

It goes without saying that planning a wedding entails huge amounts of stress. Finding the right planner is bad enough, not to mention hoping they will be able to manifest the correct ideas. When using our banquet hall in Glenview, the couple will automatically be provided with a professional wedding planner who will go to great lengths in order to make sure every last detail is perfect. What makes this so great is that the wedding planner is comfortable with the venue, which means they know the best ways to incorporate a dream wedding. Given the color scheme of the hall is neutral, the possibilities are endless.

The hall also boasts with unequaled dessert tables. Apart from the great food the chefs prepare, their dessert tables are simply to die for. They are specifically made to accommodate the theme and taste of the wedding. It doesn’t matter if the couple wants cheesecake and chocolate truffles, fruit that is dipped in chocolate and milk, or even a chocolate fountain. They will make the most delicious desserts the weddings guests have ever tasted.

Right from the start everyone will experience the magic and romance of the entrance hall because the entrance is based on Italian Renaissance. There is enough room for a live band and 550 guests, and although the setting is big everyone will feel at home. In essence all the happy couple has to worry about is showing up and enjoying their perfect day. There is no doubt that our venue is by far the most elegant, romantic and professional choice anyone can make. With experts on all fronts there is no chance that any wedding will end up less than perfect. People of Glenview just love European Crystal.